Back To School

Need a GED? Here is some basic information about the exam. Once you are ready to start preparing for the exam you can choose between online courses or a physical book. When you are ready to take the exam find the closest location to you by creating an account here or by searching online for a GED testing center near you. Getting your GED cannot be done online, stay away from those scams.

If you already have your GED, ask yourself: is it time to go back to school?

You might be thinking of a specific program or degree, but have you thought about all the possibilities you could pursue? Be open to other ideas as you think about school.

Once you have decided on the job you want, talk to someone that has the job. The more stories you hear the better. Get to know the pros and cons of the job before you set off on a course. A good way to do this is volunteering or getting an internship.

Have you thought about community colleges? By going this route you can save money on tuition, create a flexible schedule, get professional certificates, take online classes, and transfer your credits toward a bachelor’s degree. Community colleges are becoming so popular that 25% of them even have dorms.

College can be a very strange bubble no matter your age, but recovering and being on a campus can be tricky. Check out these suggestions before you go back to school.

Once you settle on a path find out as many details as you can (schedule flexibility, cost, special projects, financial aid) before you pay the school.

If your employer doesn’t have a tuition reimbursement program or if you are unemployed, use these resources to find scholarships:

Signing up for your classes? Don’t pile on too much school in the beginning, start with a modest course load and see how much schoolwork you can handle. Remember recovery is always #1.

Check in with yourself frequently and find someone who will tell you honestly how you are behaving.

Create a schedule on top of your school schedule so that you always have time to do your coursework.

Take a break if you need to, you can always start school again if life has become too chaotic.