Industries For Us

There is no one-size-fits-all career for us. We need to utilize what sets us apart. Below are some of the industries where many people with substance abuse disorder have found employment.

Other Resources:

  • Check out the Department of Labor’s career center.
  • America in Recovery is a non-profit that is dedicated to helping people in recovery find a job.
  • If you have a criminal record, the National Hire Network is a good resource to use.
  • If you live in Houston, Los Angeles, or Carnegie, Pennsylvania, take a look at these companies that take pride in hiring people in recovery. If you live somewhere else, search online for companies in your city that make it a point to hire people in recovery.
  • Definitely explore sites like Indeed, Monster, Simplyhired, and Glassdoor, but don’t forget about human interaction. Start to grow your network at your own pace. I got to where I am by approaching the management of various gyms, this might sound outdated, but to me human connection is the point of life.