Finding Ways to Be Positive During Recovery

Staying positive through recovery can be challenging. As Swift River explains, “Getting to the root of your addiction will be a confusing and emotional experience, but understanding your substance abuse completely is an important step in conquering it. Additionally, marriage and/or family counseling can help facilitate healthy conversations with your loved ones and pave the way for stronger relationships.” With that in mind, here are some areas that can help you on your journey.

Think Positivity

Shame and guilt, unfortunately, go hand in hand with addiction. The very nature of it has a certain stigma, and it can be difficult letting go of negativity and finding forgiveness within yourself. Having a positive mindset, however, can be important for recovery. It takes effort, and some days you’re just going to be down, but there are ways to change your outlook and continue recovery with optimism and hopefulness. One approach to developing a positive perspective is creating a journal and detailing good happenings in your life. Recognizing good moments, no matter what they are or how small they may seem, can help them persist in your thoughts, even through difficult times. Try, also, to create broader positivity by exposing yourself to as much uplifting material as feasible. Watch inspirational videos and read books that could bring you good thoughts. Taking up yoga and meditation can be another way to practice mindfulness and give you some respite from stress. Your thoughts can be key to recovery, and help you find happiness as you sustain sobriety.


Find Goodness

It can be hard to appreciate goodness during recovery. How it is seen, and how it manifests, is different for everyone. Take a 20-minute walk whenever possible and look for the goodness around you. Try, also, to be conscious of what brings you happiness, whether it’s the laughter of a loved one, a museum, a pretty sunset, or the sensation of eating chocolate. If you have any pets, cuddle them and otherwise enjoy their affection. Consider, if possible, even getting one. A pet’s presence can prove to be comforting, while a pet can also get you into the habit of being outdoors. Studies have also indicated that being outdoors can alleviate the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and sadness. Seeing and recognizing goodness in your life can be so valuable to staying positive.


Accept Support

Going through recovery can be a lonely experience, which makes surrounding yourself with support so important. It can be difficult, but try to find ways to reach out to your loved ones about what you’re facing. Look as well for groups, whether online or in person, that can provide a safe environment for you. Counseling can also be helpful, whether it’s individual-, marriage-, or family-based. The process of recovery can easily isolate, so try to connect with others to ease the burden on you, as you do not have to face the challenges alone. Being around people who understand can prove invaluable in giving you the focus, support, and determination necessary to continue your recovery.


Raise Your Confidence

Addiction, and its related negative feelings, can impact self-esteem and confidence. By embarking on recovery, you’re already demonstrating strength and purpose, but it’s good to pursue things separate from it. Volunteering in your community or giving some of your time to a worthy cause is one way to rebuild your esteem and sense of self-worth. Another is to develop new skills by taking on new hobbies and activities. They could be practical, creative, or physical. It might be cooking, pottery, yoga, or even running; no matter what it is, broadening your horizons can boost confidence while adding positivity and happiness into your life. Many activities can also help you socialize at a time when engaging with others can be challenging. Altogether, the more focus and joy you bring into your life, the better for your overall well-being.


Your addiction doesn’t define you. The path toward healing can be long-term, but you do not have to be alone during this journey. Along the way, you can find happiness, raise your self-esteem and confidence, and give yourself a positive outlook that can bring you focus and joy. This time, though difficult, can give you the building blocks for a bright, hopeful future.


Image courtesy of Pixabay