How to Make Ends Meet While on the Road to Recovery

When you are newly recovering from an addiction, finding methods for staying financially solvent and still having time and energy to embrace your fresh start can be a struggle. You need a solution that keeps life in balance and helps you earn valuable experience for your future endeavors as well. Here’s how to land that first opportunity for getting established and reframing your life.  


Structure and flexibility

In order to be successful in recovery, Psychology Today explains there are certain factors which will help in your journey, such as readiness to change, structure, productivity, and support.  Among those key elements are qualities you can glean from your work. Having structure in your days and being productive helps reframe your lifestyle and outlook, encouraging you to remain positive and avoiding boredom. At the same time, you need to be able to set aside time for self-care, meetings with counselors, and engaging with your support system.  


Determining your talents

It is important that you take those unique gifts given to you and use them to help you grow and make more of your life. With that in mind, think through what you can offer to employers, and consider whether this might be an opportune time to start your own business. To help decide whether it’s time to pursue entrepreneurship, consider the essential elements for running a business. For instance, are you self-motivated, or do you perform best when others provide your schedule and deadlines? Do you naturally look for new ways to resolve problems?  Does a changing environment feed your ideas and energy, or do shifting circumstances unsettle or drain you?  


Side gigs and options

Finding the perfect balance between structure and flexibility can be challenging, and side gigs can be a smart solution. It’s an opportunity to explore new avenues in life, build skills, and do things you find fulfilling. There are numerous well-paying side gigs, depending on what your background and passions are. If you’re a musician, you can teach music lessons, or animal lovers can pet sit. If you enjoy working with your hands, you might sell your wares on websites such as Etsy. People who are good with words can become freelance writers, or those who love crunching numbers can do bookkeeping. You can either start out on your own or find clients through various websites designed to connect you with work. Beginning a new venture can be ideal when you’re in a period of transition. If you’re unsure of direction, The Muse suggests several career quizzes to help with determining the best path for your future.


Brush up your credentials

Whether you’re seeking employment through an outside entity or striking out on your own, revisiting your credentials can help you feel more empowered, as well as provide you with something substantial to show potential employers or clients. Bring your resume up to date and put together a list of personal and professional references. If you’re looking for a position in a traditional workplace, brush up on common interview questions and think about what you would or would not like to say about your recovery. If you’re pursuing self-employment, think through your many talents and prepare to market your business through various avenues such as social media, newsletters, and websites.  


Recovering from an addiction is a tremendous challenge. Engage in a position that helps you stay afloat financially and also allows you to connect with counselors and embrace healthful self-care practices. Every day is new, and with a balance of structure and flexibility, you can reframe your life for a successful recovery.


Image courtesy of Pexels